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What to Expect

What to expect when you work with Mind Your Home Business.


  • for your ideas
  • for your belongings
  • for your budget


  • in creating systems that fit your lifestyle
  • in reusing what you already have
  • in finding new homes for the items you are letting go


  • with the hands-on process
  • with maintenance of your system
  • by connecting you with other professionals to help get the job done

Simplicity in designing:

  • your project plan into smaller easier to follow tasks
  • your system so that it is easy to maintain and stay organized
  • your system so it is easy to delegate to others


  • your values, passions and lifestyle are combined with my skills to give you a custom project
  • in making decisions about belongings


  • in my communications with you and others
  • in delivering my services


  • I love what I do and that comes through when we are working together. Your unorganized rooms, papers and finances are my playground and sandbox.


Stephanie Barbic   •   Certified Professional Organizer   •   Mind Your Home Business   •   (510) 813-5320