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"Stephanie saved my live. Now I’m efficient and I am able to do my work and not feel fragmented."

-Jim, Real Estate Attorney in Mill Valley
"Stephanie helped me conceptualize the administrative tasks and organization of my office in a whole new way. She helped me set up systems that actually make sense to me (no easy task), which means I will continue to utilize them. I'm impressed by Stephanie's sensitivity, skill and commitment to truly being of service. I'm a satisfied client and I highly recommend her."

- Christie, El Cerrito
"Stephanie has rescued me from my overwhelming clutter. As the piles grow on and around my desk, so does my angst and avoidance. To my delight, Stephanie totally cuts that downward spiral. She turns a dreaded lonely distasteful overwhelmingly mountainous task into a fun easy accomplishment, with a clean desk and uplifted spirits at the end."

- John, Berkeley
"She’s very straightforward and honest and doesn’t force her opinions upon you. As an outsider who isn’t personally involved she can look at it in a practical manner."

- Adele, Palo Alto

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