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Letting Go of the Good

to Make Room for the Great in 2008!


Did you know that getting organized is one of the top five New Years resolutions? Well, if you have tried and can’t seem to get organized,  I believe that Friedrich Neitzsche said it best when he said, “He who has a strong enough why can bear almost any how”.

In order to get from where you are, you must have a strong enough reason why you want to get organized. That is what fuels your efforts and makes getting organized not only a resolution but a reality. Ask yourself, “Why do I want to get organized?”

Do my reasons stir passion? Do they correspond to my true values? Do they support the major projects that I want to accomplish this year?

Think back to that childhood story about putting small and large rocks in a container. When you put the small ones in first and then the large ones, they didn’t all fit. But when you put the large ones in first and then the small ones, they did!

It is a lot like organizing. Whether it be your closet, your papers or your schedule, “The things that matter most can never be at the mercy of the things that matter least!” Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe sure was right with that quote!

We tend to hold on to things thinking that the more we have the more abundant we are. Well, I believe that true abundance is not in your things but in the space in between your things. When you are not tied down by so many things pulling at your attention you have more time and energy for the important things in your life.

My suggestion for 2008? Let go of the good to make room for only the great! Only then can you transform your life!


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