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Estate Organizing Services

"We do make a difference -- one way or the other.

We are responsible for the impact of our lives.

Whatever we do with whatever we have,

we leave behind us a legacy for those who follow."

- Stephen Covey

Whether for yourself or as an executor/trustee for another person,

I can help with the discovery, identification, organizing and documenting of all information including information about day-to-day life, financial and tangible assets, legal arrangements and your wishes with respect to settling your affairs after death or in case of an emergency. I also help with organizing, inventorying and clearing out of possessions.

  • Preplanning – gathering and organizing of important information and documents for estate planning, financial planning,    tax return preparation, and emergency preparedness planning. (See the products  page for products that can help with this.)

  • Assisting trustees/executors/families –(paperwork) discovery, identifying, organizing and documenting all important documents such as original trusts, wills, bank and investment accounts, real property papers and even family memorabilia.  Assistance with trust accounting for courts and financial organizing for estate tax return filings.

  • Assisting trustees/executors/families (physical estate) sorting, identifying and inventorying physical assets. I work with liquidators, auction houses, charities, families, and haulers to dispose of unwanted items.

*my services are estate tax deductible when assisting trustees and executors.

"As trustee of a large estate with 8 beneficiaries, Stephanie made my job of liquidating the estate easy. By inventorying and photographing all the assets the beneficiaries, located all over the USA, where able to see what they wanted so items could be distributed to them easily. She worked with haulers, charities, movers and the auction house to get rid of the rest. She even helped with finding painters, tree services and house cleaners to get the home ready for sale."


- Jim – San Francisco

"Stephanie assisted me with organizing all the papers in my brother's estate so we knew where we stood financially. A task I was happy to pass on."

- Holly - Corte Madera



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